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Ultra Bee Dry 4.5kg Pail and 8kg ApiVert Bundle

Ultra Bee Dry 4.5kg Pail and 8kg ApiVert Bundle


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We recommend that you mix the syrup with Ultra Bee powder, creating a stiff yet pliable patty. Avoid excessive crumbliness and make sure it the mix is not too wet, and place the mixture on a suitable tray or greaseproof paper atop the frames, underneath the crow board. While the USA commonly uses Ultra Bee as a dry mix, our preference leans towards a moist application. Feel free to explore both methods, but we discourage the communal system involving large bags in feeders, as it poses potential risks such as disease spread and attracting unwanted pests like Asian hornets and wasps.


  • Ready made liquid feed for bees to be used without adding water.
  • Our Inverted Syrup is enzymatic invert, glucose-fructose syrup where HFM does not exceed 1mg/kg.
  • Contains 70% Sugar (Sucrose 2%, Glucose 43% and Fructose 55%).
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.
  • Expiry: October 2025.

Ultra Bee Dry:

  • Ultra Bee Dry 4.5kg/10lb Pail Increased brood production
  • Non-soy based Healthier, stronger bees
  • No animal by-products used
  • A complete amino acid profile
  • Beneficial vitamins, lipids and minerals
  • Made with the finest USA ingredients Ready to feed when you need it!


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