Collection: Live Bees

Available monthly from May through to September.

Just pay a £5.00 deposit today to reserve your Queen(s) and the balance will be collected at the beginning of your chosen month.

Elevate your beekeeping experience with our 2024 Open Mated Dark Carniolan Queens - available now for pre-order. Secure these coveted Queens for the upcoming season and ensure a thriving hive in 2024. Act quickly, as dispatch dates fall between May and September.

Our Dark Carniolan Queens are not just queens; they are the epitome of bee royalty. Renowned for their calm and beautiful demeanour, these regal monarchs boast exceptional egg-laying capabilities that will leave your hive buzzing with vitality. What sets them apart? For us, no smoke required - just a gentle spray of water is all it takes to keep these majestic rulers content. Of course, it’s always advisable to have alighted smoker close by just in case they don’t want to go down,

Experience the tranquillity of beekeeping with these Queens, known for their gentle nature and low maintenance throughout the winter months. Rest assured, these are the same Queens that have graced our own apiaries for years, a testament to their reliability and performance.

Place your order now to embark on a journey with Queens that have stood the test of time. Our commitment to excellence extends to the shipping process, your Queens will be dispatched via a next-day, guaranteed service with Royal Mail. Whether you're in Northern Ireland (2 day service) or mainland UK, anticipate the swift arrival of your new bee monarchs.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to reignite your passion for beekeeping with our 2024 Open Mated Dark Carniolan Queens. Order today and witness the regal transformation of your hive!