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Order your Overwintered British Nuc of bees early to avoid disappointment!

2021 has been a difficult year with the changing of rules and resetting of our business. The weather also played a huge part in a very difficult season.

For 2022 we are hoping for a better season, a limited amount of British reared Overwintered Nucs of Bees are now available to order.

These bees have been reared from British stocks, weather permitting, they will be available from May 2022 - your nuc will biuld up during the coming months and should produce a small amount of late season of honey.

Our overwintered British Nucs will consist of 5 frames to include brood at all stages, capped open with eggs, and with a marked Queen.

Order yours now!

staff Sale picks

National Multi Function Crown Board

The new style multifunction crown board has all the benefits of the NA241 with the added benefit of being able to lay a complete frame within the lid space, which is a real bonus when trying to free up brood space or feed bees with a frame of stores.

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English Bee Feeder

The central hole in the feeder allows bees to come up and then down to feed. A plastic dome fits over the feed tube, the cup is kept off the bottom of the feeder to give enough space for the syrup to flow under and for the bees to feed. This helps prevent bees from escaping into the feeder.

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National Wood Bound Queen Excluder

We use the same great metal queen excluder, but replace the metal frame with one made of wood. The depth is different on each side, providing the correct bee space when placed deep side down, and adequate space on the top side below the super frames above.

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