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New to beekeeping?

Beginner's Kit

Educational Teaching Set Of 11 - In Frames or A Set Of Prints

Educational Teaching Set Of 11 - In Frames or A Set Of Prints

Regular price £29.50
  • The Virtual Hive - A wonderful photographic guide to active brood frames inside a beehive, helping you to identify:
    1. The difference between worker & drone brood, eggs & larvae
    2. Cells of nectar, honey & pollen
    3. Early signs of swarming
    4. Different queen cells and what they reveal.
  • A unique teaching frame assistance, one side is the item you would like your students to see and on the reverse is the backup text for the image.
  • These frames are the perfect aide memoire, an assistant to help with teaching at all levels or sometimes just a reminder of what could be going on it the hive.
  • Encapsulated to allow a wipe clean surface.
  • A very useful resource when engaging with students.
  • This is the start of a series of aids being developed between Simon Croson & Bee-Equipment.
  • The stunning photography is by photographer Simon Croson.
  • Teaching Frame Inserts are 11 photographs with corresponding descriptions that are laminated to a finished size of 14" x 8" 
  • The laminated photos can then be inserted back to back into eleven assembled National DN4 brood frames, just like a sheet of foundation.
  • Put those frames inside a brood box and you have a complete teaching hive that is easy to transport.
  • Perfect for any weather!

Images are for illustration purposes only, available as a printed set of 11 prints or framed. Brood Box sold separately.

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