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Telescopic Uncapping Tank

Telescopic Uncapping Tank


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Let us introduce to you another new product, our new Compact Uncapping Tank. We know how short space is for most beekeepers, so here is a real space saver compared to other conventional ones.

The kit is comprised of three parts. An outer box, a perforated inner box and a lid. By placing the two lifts under the strainer handles this will give enough lift to extract a good quantity of honey into the lower container ready for discharging through a filter. If required

Not only does this help to speed up your uncapping, it also makes it easier to handle once the process is complete. As the separated liquid is kept away from most of the capping’s, the capping’s can be left for some weeks or longer to drain almost dry, an innovative and relatively mess-free solution for uncapping.

Supplied with two lifts for under the handles

Supplied with an uncapping cross bar to help hold the frame being uncapped.

Supplied with honey gate.

Product features:

Dimensions 285(H) x 396(D)mm
Temperature Range -40°C to +90°C
Weight 3.2kg
Colour White
Perforated inner box separates fluids and aids air circulation in the container to preserve freshness for longer
Recyclable at the end of service life
Easy to clean - dishwasher safe
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