Langstroth Multi Function Crown/cover Board

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Our Crown Board is built to last for years of use in the hive!

This Crown Board is for a 10 frame Langstroth Hive.

Place underneath the roof to provide proper working space for your bees.

Use in conjunction with a Bee Escape to remove bees from supers.

Masonite free and fully assembled.

Multi-Function Crown Boards allow 2" (7 cm) extra space for feeding or treatments.

Full instructions:

The purpose of this board is that one crown board fulfils the purposes of feeding, treatments and swarm control.

Feeding – Our Rapid Top Feeder fits easily onto this Crown Board. The depth allows shallow feeders.

Treatments – All treatments work very well when you turn the board over.

Swarm Control – Firstly find all the queen cells and allow to reduce to a single visible queen cell.

Using the normal position, cover the hole in the Multi Function Crown Board.

Find the queen.

Place two frames of brood in a brood box above the Multi Function Crown Board and shake as many bees as you can from the box. Fill the bottom box with frames or replace existing ones. Release the queen into the bottom box, put the Multi Function Crown Board on followed by the second box full of bees with the yellow cap facing the opposite direction to the bottom box.

Take out the yellow cap, place the Multi Function Crown Board on top and close.

Flying and foraging bees will leave the top box with only nurse bees remaining. Leave for approximately two weeks for the cell in the top box to hatch, and hopefully your queen will be laying.

Use in conjunction with one of our Rhombus Bee Escape to remove bees from supers.

Customer Reviews

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Langstroth Multi Function Crown Board

This arrived quickly and is well made. Good quality.

very good

This arrived quickly and does the job of feeding well. This is an easy way to use fondant, patties or bags of invert. It is fairly multi functional but so far I have only used it for feeding. I have bought four on separate occasions and I am very happy with them.

Useless component

In the description you can find information that rapid top feeder will fit easily. That is not true. It won't.

Really good!

Really pleased with this crown board- enough space to put fondant and feeders ect. on top of. Speedy delivery too, 5stars!

Excellent multi-use crown board

I put this below a super with an attached yellow plastic circular bee escape, 24 hours before taking off the super full of honey. I had minimal bees left inside the super and the base join with the rest of the hive was good enough foil the wasps trying to get in. I am now using it (still with the bee escape on) to feed fondant and treat with Apiguard. A good quality, highly useful buy.