About Us

We are pleased to be able to source through our international contacts the best bee keeping equipment in the world to offer to our customers, and won’t pretend we do otherwise. We are proud of having an international approach, working with suppliers from across the UK, Europe and the Americas to deliver to customers around the world.

We stock nearly 3,000 product lines at our distribution centre in Kent, supplying British Standard National, Langstroth, Commercial, WBC hives and accessories, as well as wide range of beekeeping accessories, we also stock a wide range of honey and wax processing equipment. Our candle making equipment is a unique product made for us to give you the best possible results. Along with our extensive range of tools and clothing we have everything the beekeeper needs..

Because of our international approach, we are able to pass on the amazing deals we get on products to our customers through our consistent pricing, special offers and our Sweet deals

So, next time you want to buy British, buy Bee-Equipment

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