Mini Mating Nuc With Frames

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  • 3 mini frames (foundation not included).
  • Built-in feeder.
  • Closable entrance
  • Easy access frames.
  • Removable bottom offers extra ventilation and easy cleaning (much easier to remove than previous design). 

Beeswax Coated Plastic Foundation for Mini Mating Nucs 10pk

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Mini-mating nucs, not bad but not perfect!

At around £8 (in a sale) they seem good value. A little small perhaps but these have the bonus that the feeder can be removed revealing a gap where you can put 2 extra frames if need be (better than my old ones). Comes with everything needed except the clear crown board -- ordered that (for 40p) but be warned these don't fit without adjustment and even then not perfectly (back to my home-made versions).

Some dents to the three that I ordered but not so much that they prevented use but it's still sloppy service -- they were boxed well so it was not the courier's fault. I bought an extra plastic feeder to slot in the end but it really didn't fit these models so what was it supposed to be used for? I think the Bee Equipment website needs more information about what fits with what to avoid mistakes and to aid beekeepers.

Thank you for pointing this out. I have updated the feed liner listing to help other customers.
Mini-Mating Nucleus

Prompt delivery. Good product. An info sheet showing how the various plastic bits should be assembled would have been useful, although Google searches were sufficient to work it out (and I think you have now provided more pics than were shown previously)

Mini Mating nucs

Great product and a sound investment, mine are in use already

Mini mating nucs

At the time of purchase I got them at the sale price so even better value for money, but even at the full price they are still good value. First impressions are they are well made and certainly as good as many more expensive ones on the market. I will certainly be buying more of these.

Mini mating nucs

Spot on. They didn't come with the transparent crown boards but an easy fix. Brilliant for the price i paid.