Our Unique 5 Frame Correx Boxes: An R&D success

Our Unique 5 Frame Correx Boxes: An R&D success

The selection of green and black for the Correx nuc box is based on practical considerations derived from Bee-Equipment’s historical research and development (R&D) notes. Bees are inherently attracted to bright colours, with yellow and blue being, particularly enticing. However, using these vibrant hues elicited heightened excitement among bees, leading to increased heat generation and subsequent moisture accumulation within the box. This, in turn, resulted in the unfortunate discovery of too many deceased bees at the bottom of the nuc box.

To mitigate this issue, green was chosen due to its perceived neutrality and minimal impact on bee behaviour, akin to leaves vs yellow or blue flowers in nature. In contrast, black was chosen for the outside signage over yellow or blue to avoid attracting bees to the outside and potential predators such as wasps.

In summary, the decision to opt for green and black was a straightforward and logical one.

Bee-Equipment has a long-standing history of successful R&D programs, extensively tested on Patrick's hives. This dedication has yielded various products, some of which have been emulated by other companies without fully understanding the nuanced decisions made during the R&D process. We are happy to have contributed to this development work for the sake of honeybees.

Bee-Equipment aims to sustain and advance this impactful work in the future.

Our correx boxes are currently available in both Langstroth and National.


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