MAQS Statement

Oops, looks like we have lost another supplier.

As any regular customer of ours will know we try to be reasonable and responsible with our pricing.

We believe in making a fair profit and trying our best to supply our valued customers with product that they need at a price that is affordable.

Unfortunately, some manufactures and suppliers would rather keep the retail price inflated, this is designed to give lazy retailers a larger profit margin.

Our purchase price for MAQS 10 dose is €27.90 and 2 dose is €7.34 we think at Bee-Equipment an average price for the season of £42.00 for 10 dose and £10.50 for 2 dose was reasonable

NOD the manufacturers of MAQS did not think the same, after building the trade in MAQS they  have decided not supply us any more of there products, we believe this is as a direct response to our pricing policy.

This idea or a sole distributor is not just a NOD problem it also relates to Veto-Pharma who also refuse to supply us. Decide for your self why these companies will not supply a price challenging company like ours!

Fortunately, you have choices, there are a number of products available on our web site all safe and proven. Specifically designed to reduce varroa mite in colonies with no queen losses or bees trying to escape the fumes

Some are chemical based some are natural ingredient based as well as our mechanical method using our queen trap.

The bottom line is beekeepers must learn to fight back against the greed of some manufactures and suppliers.

After Covid-19 the world will look different, things will change.

Help make a change or don’t complain.