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Wax Melting Pot For Candlemaking

Wax Melting Pot For Candlemaking


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Stainless Steel Wax melting Pot for Candle making.

Sturdy design with handy spout and removable cap on vertical spout.

Ensure this is cleaned before use for the first time.

Not dishwasher safe.

Instructions: Lift the cap off the spout on top of the pot, add water, at least half way up. Pop the cap back on. Put your Pot on a stove, medium heat (not suitable for an Induction Hob or AGA type cooker, camping stoves are best) Once it has started to heat, add your wax into the large hole on the top. 100g wax usually takes approximately 2-3 minutes to melt. Pour out of the spout once completely melted. 


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