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To ensure the health of your honey bee colonies, it is essential to regularly monitor and check varroa mite levels. If you’re not sure how to monitor varroa mite infestation in your colonies, VarroCheck is the answer. VarroCheck is an accurate and reliable mite shaker, ready to go whenever you need to check the health of your bees.

  • Highly effective, with mites falling through the filter basket to be easily counted
  • Quick and easy to use – monitor your entire apiary in no time!
  • Low maintenance
  • No mess
  • Suitable for sugar-shake, alcohol wash or CO2 knockout
  • Robust, economical and long-lasting.

How to us VarroCheck:

  1. Remove lid from bottle and use enclosed measuring cup to put one cupful of diluted alcohol (1 part isopropyl alcohol to 4 parts water) into the test bottle
  2. Choose two or three frames from the centre of the brood area (preferably open brood) and check carefully for the queen. Do not use frame if the queen is present
  3. Shake the bees off the frame into a large tub and allow any foragers to fly away, leaving only nurse bees
  4. use the measuring cup to scoop a full measure of nurse bees (this will be approximately 300 bees) and put them in the bottle, clipping it shut
  5. Gently shake the bottle to wet the bees and euthanise any varroa mites
  6. Open the lid and add enough alcohol solution to cover the bees. Clip shut again and gently shake and roll the bottle, trying not to cause any foaming
  7. After one minute, open the lid and lift out the mesh basket, shaking off as much liquid as possible as you lift it
  8. Look through the transparent bottle and count the number of varroa mites. Divide this number by 3 to obtain the percentage infestation level (i.e. if you count 6 mites, 6 divided by 3 = 2 so the infestation rate is 2%)
  9. Check the acceptable infestation rate depending on the state of the colony and time of season and take appropriate action
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