The Hive & The Honeybee

The Hive & The Honeybee

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This comprehensive text should be a requirement for the reference library of any beekeeper, from the novice to the commercial apiarist. Covers a variety of topics from behavior to breeding, hive management to honey production. Hard cover, 1324 pages.

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The Hive and The Honeybee

This book is a real investment for Beekeepers who are serious about increasing their knowledge of the art and craft of all things in the service of Apiculture. The diagrams of bee anatomy are outstanding in detail and I wish I had this book when I was doing the Microscopy Course for Beekeepers.

The Hive and the Honeybee

Great book and great value.

A lot of reading!

Bought this as it was recommended by BBKA as a study guide for Module 1 assessment in their book list. It is crammed full of very useful information for any beekeeper as it covers all aspects. Full of detail and good quality photos. As this book was written mainly in USA it contains a little unfamiliar terminology (though perfectly understandable) and some of the plant names in certain sections refer to non-european species. This version printed and revised in 2015 is not available from many sellers.

best service

the seller was very willing to adjust the order because the payment was made from two different accounts. Delivery was very fast. 100% satisfaction.

Compilation of the science of the honey bee and related topics

Each chapter is written by an academic (usually entomologist) specialising in some aspect of honey bee science. Hence the book is a comprehensive collection of scientific reports about honey bees, their environment and the products of the hive - very detailed.
The articles I have read so far (up to p. 300 ca) are written by Americans about honeybees from the entire world, though I suspect most data is obtained from bees in the USA.
As a scientific minded person, I like the book very much, because of the great accuracy with which it has been written (referring to the newest edition sold by Bee-Equipment).

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