Tannin Powder, 1oz Bottle

Tannin Powder, 1oz Bottle

Tannin Powder, 1oz Bottle

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  • Tannins play three distinctive roles in making wine.
  • The first is flavor; tannins increase the zesty flavors that are often left lacking in many homebrewed wines.
  • The literal definition of tannin is the "zest" or peel of the grape.
  • Tannins aid in the clarification process by neutralizing residual proteins and other proteins, these drop out of suspension by the simple presence of tannins.
  • Tannins also aid in the aging and keeping qualities of wines; wines that are deficient do not take advantage of the aging process very well.
  • Their improvement with time is only marginal and these wines also tend to deteriorate in quality more rapidly in longer storage situations.

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