Superboost, Single

Superboost, Single
Superboost, Single

Superboost, Single

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No instructions in packet !

Fast shipping . Unfortunately there was no instructions on how to store or how to properly use . That would be a great thing to add .

Hi Wanda - Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We will include instructions with the product from now on, and I am emailing a scanned copy to you. Thanks again, Charlie L.

Our revolutionary product, SuperBoost (patent pending), is the ultimate solution to improve the health and vigor of hives as well as improve crop pollination.

SuperBoost is a 10-component brood pheromone delivery device that is easily hung between the frames. One SuperBoost placed in the hive works for up to 5 weeks.

Stimulates foraging, aids in the revitalization of overwintered colonies and increases honey production.

Scientifically proven Pheromone released for up to five weeks.

  • Workers pick up pheromone by contact with release membrane
  • More pollen and nectar foragers
  • Greater consumption of supplemental diet in winter and early spring
  • Better nutrition of larvae and queens
  • Greater egg laying

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