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National Queen Tower, Pine, 2nd Grade

National Queen Tower, Pine, 2nd Grade


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Another great new product for British beekeepers to make good use of in their apiaries.

Introducing the Queen Tower which is made in our own factory, here in Kent.

The 5 frame Queen Tower has so many uses, starting in the Autumn, it is a great way to overwinter those small colonies. 2 frames of brood with a laying queen and three frames of stores, will allow you to overwinter up to 3 Queens, one in each section in one box, sharing the heat from each section.

In the Spring months, the Queen Tower can be used to bring on new queens from the mating apiary or a small swarm.

Set up a section with a frame and a queen cell to start a new nuc.

It comes with a 3-section crown board with two holes in each for feeding using our FD905  feeder and the other for ventilation. Feeders are not included but are available separately

As we wanted to make our new National Queen Tower as light as possible, there is a slight gap between the side bars and the side of the box due to the outsides not being double walled. In our trials, we have found the bees did not brace this area in our apiaries.

Contents: Roof; Split Crown Board; Triple Nuc box with built in Open Mesh Floor with 3 sliding drawers to allow you to check for Varroa.

As an added protection why not use one of our winter wraps and roof insulation?

This is a made-to-order item, so please allow up to 2-4 weeks for manufacture.

Images are for illustration purposes only, frames are sold individually.

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