Pseudoqueen Bee Boost, 10 Pack

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Improve Queen Rearing Success - Pseudo Queen simulates an egg laying queen.

A hive will perform normally for several days with a Pseudo Queen as a temporary queen.

Remove the queen or queen cells and place a Pseudo Queen lure in each brood box.

When a queen is available, the Pseudo Queen is removed and a new queen introduced.


Expiry Date: June 2023

Customer Reviews

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Queen strips

Works really well for when you are making up nucs and short of queens.

patricia mawby
The best thing I have ever bought

This is my second purchase of pseudo queens, some have been given away for other beekeepers to try but I don't feel were too well appreciated by the veteran beekeeper. I love them, they have saved so much hassle. I use them on queen less hives, they are not a permanent answer but act a bit like a sticking plaster giving you time to think out your next positive move. They work well with swarms too. A brilliant buy.