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Ornetin Asian Hornet Trap

Ornetin Asian Hornet Trap


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An Asian hornet trap to protect your bees. Designed as a lid to fit on a jar with a 10cm diameter. Reusable, easy to clean and easy to use! 

  • Weatherproof and long lasting
  • Quick and easy to set up, and simple to use
  • Will only trap Asian hornets
  • Options to purchase just the Trap, Trap with Plastic Container & Lid, or just the Plastic Container with lid.

For optimal results, place the Ornetins evenly around the apiary to decrease pressure on the beehives. If possible, position them under the hives and in shaded areas to avoid overheating the captured hornets. Placing Ornetins on the sides and ends of the hive rows has proven to be effective. Avoid positioning them in front of the hives as it may distract or deter hornets from approaching. Remember, we want to attract and keep the hornets alive for as long as possible.

The plastic container measures 13.5cm in height by 10cm in width. Trap screws onto the neck of the container so is tight and safe.

Here is how to use them in your apiary - Watch Now

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