MAQS - Mite Away Quick Strips, 2 Dose Package, AUGUST 2018 expiry

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AUGUST 2018 expiry

The Quick Strips have a treatment period of just 7 days.

Daytime temperatures must be between 50 - 84.2F (10 - 29C). Strips are laid across the tops of the brood frames, and they can be used during a honey flow if necessary. A spacer rim is no longer needed for these strips but you still need to wear the recommended safety equipment for acid.

For full instructions click here.

Store below 77F (25C) away from direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product fast delivery..


I think the product works fine but it took several weeks to recieve it,even though I paid for the postage in advance!


Seems to have worked well, although the seven days is only just over as I write this. Lots of dead varroa on the board.

MAQS Strips.

Product great, service a little slow this time. Good job I didn't need them urgently.

Dear Lucy Frost, Thank you for taking the time to review this product. We are sorry for the delay - this product is important from US/Canada and the recent hurricanes delayed our shipment. I'm glad you like the product. Sincerely, Charlie L.
MAQS bee mite treatment ( provisional review )

Cannot give a clear results or feedback on this method of tackling Beehive Mites as it is designed to reduce the Mite infection prior to Winter Hibernation and true results will not manifest until the Spring and if the colony survives. What I can say is FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS to the Letter and if the weather is cold all through the 7 day period they recommend, I left the strips in longer, ( now 12 days ) and am still getting dead mites at 60 per day on the removable board under the screen. With Plenty of ventilation the Bees will be fine and they are now opening up the infected cells to remove damaged Larva and dead mites in there. This Product is a 2 part treatment with the 2nd due in Spring when flowers start to produce Nectar, if warmer then I will stick to the 1 week Treatment before removing the used strips.

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