Langstroth or Dadant Poly Hive Super, Flat

Langstroth or Dadant Poly Hive Super, Flat

Langstroth or Dadant Poly Hive Super, Flat

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Neil Melluish
Langstroth poly hive super

Great super, very well made, easy to put together, easy to paint, and very light, but strong, easier on the back too, should last for years,

This poly super holds 10 Langstroth super frames. If you are using the Dadant Poly Hive Brood Box, this is the super that goes with it, and it still takes Langstroth super frames.

BeeBox Finland EPS- lightweight beehive is the result of 35 years of beekeeping experience from the biggest honey producer in Scandinavia Paradise Honey ltd.

BeeBox Finland EPS-lightweight beehive is based on long term experience in beekeeping and technical knowledge about suitable materials for good quality beehive in different environments and apiary’s in Northern Europe, arctic Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

The BeeBox EPS hive material has been field tested for about 30 years in Finnish winter colder than -35 C and in summer heat over + 30 C. In recent years the hives have been tested with good results also in extreme weather conditions of Siberia.

The body material in BeeBox hive system is made of food grade, extra hardened, expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a density over 100 kg/m3. The boxes will last for decades with proper use and service. The BeeBox hives are manufactured with ISO 9001 quality certified process and materials.

Full manual of the assembly and use of these hives can be found here

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