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Jenter Easy Kit

Jenter Easy Kit


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With the original transfer method according to Karl Jenter, queens can be bred easily and effectively.

- Easier handling
- Fastest queen breeding
- No repositioning of the plug-in cells

Simply remove the barrier after the eggs have been laid, replace the honeycomb grid with the cell plate, hang the breeding comb horizontally in the beehive, attach protective cells and you're done.

In this way, up to 38 queens can be bred in the simplest way.

The Karl Jenter method was awarded 3 gold medals

  • Apimondia gold medal in Warsaw in 1987
  • Jahn Dzierzon gold medal in Rio in 1989
  • Balkan Medal in Belgrade in 1990

The kit consists of the following parts:

  • 1 breeding comb - consisting of honeycomb grille / AR, barrier grille, cover for barrier grille and cover plate
  • 115 plug-in cells
  • 1 plug for plug-in cells
  • 1 well plate
  • 40 protection cells
  • Instructional film on DVD
  • Detailed operating instructions in many languages
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