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Asian Hornet Trap, Genuine Jabeprode Cone

Asian Hornet Trap, Genuine Jabeprode Cone


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Calling all DIY enthusiasts!

These traps are an extremely effective way of controlling Asian Hornets in your apiary. They need to be added to a box to create the trap. We do make these on site you can buy a complete unit via this link.

Step into the world of effective hornet control with our top-of-the-line hornet trap cones. Crafted with precision and reliability, our JABEPRODE capture cones stand as essential tools in Europe's ongoing fight against the invasive Asian Hornet. At our facility, authenticity is key, as we exclusively employ genuine JABEPRODE cones, meticulously manufactured to meet the highest standards.

With a proven track record and originating from the original manufacturer, these cones not only combat Asian Hornets but also allow non-target species to escape, ensuring environmentally responsible pest management.

These cone-shaped funnels, perforated with numerous openings, serve a dual purpose: facilitating the exit of unintended insects while allowing the free circulation of scents, thus maximizing the bait's effectiveness. Engineered with precision, the funnel ends feature calibrated input reducers, finely tuned to permit only queen hornets to enter, while preventing larger insects like the European hornet queen from accessing the trap. This ensures perfect selectivity, targeting the desired pests while minimizing by-catch.

Each cone will need to be inserted into a suitable box with lots of ventilation.

Designed for optimal performance, this component serves as the cornerstone of your DIY hornet control system, providing peace of mind and protection for your apiary.


  • Base - 22cm x 15cm
  • Funnel - 15cm x 3cm at top of neck


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