Hornet Trap, Single

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For use with our 1kg Jar CN-455 (sold separately)

Developed in Europe to help combat the Asian Hornet, simple and effective

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Customer Reviews

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Poor Fit

I ordered the jar and trap, but found that they do not fit together. Therefore, totally useless as far as I am concerned.

Hornets traps

Catching plenty of flies, no wasps yet ++++++++

good quality but not very versatile

Excellent service, the traps arrived in the post really quickly, but with no instructions. Read the details carefully before you buy, because the HD 453 that fits onto a jar, only fits a 1kg jar, which I do not have. It would be more useful in the UK if it fitted the standard British 1lb jars. Since the postage cost more than the traps, I am not going to order one jar alone and it does not fit any jars that I already have. The HD 457 that fits onto a bottle may well work, but it looks as though it would be too easy for creatures to get out, with the shape of the bottle channelling them back towards the exit. I think I will stick to cutting the top off the bottle, inverting it into the bottle and sticking together with Duct tape.

Excellent service as always

As above

Glass Jar Hornet Trap tops

I had previously used the plastic wasp/hornet trap that looks like a squashed hourglass and has entrance holes around its circumference - very effective for catching the pests but not particularly durable and likely to pour sticky, sweet or smelly liquid all down one's trousers and over one's shoes if not handled carefully. These tops are much tougher, grip well on the jar thread and form a nice seal around the rim with no chance of leakage during normal handling. As other reviewers have said, so far I haven't caught any hornets, only wasps and flies aplenty - and I've yet to see one make its way out! With the addition of some mesh which stands above the bait in the bottom of the jar it makes a very effective monitoring trap.

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