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Langstroth Asian Hornet Hive Defender, Western Red Cedar

Langstroth Asian Hornet Hive Defender, Western Red Cedar


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Last season, we explored European hornet defence tactics and ways to protect our hives. Instead of inventing something brand new, we chose to look at the most popular option in Europe and make small enhancements. We believe this can become one of the top defenders around.

We have tested this in our apiaries, in the middle of the Kent countryside, surrounded by orchards. Now, it could be that we are just lucky or that the defender has helped our hives survive in what has become something of a popular county for the Asian hornet - which we suspect is because of our location in relation to the ports, but who knows. What we do know is that we are surrounded by sightings and captures. Thanks to the National Bee Unit, we have a chance to at least protect our hive because they are working incredibly hard to capture and destroy them when found.

As manufacturers we will try to develop products to help beekeepers in the fight against the Asian Hornet.

So what so good about our version of this very popular European defender...

  • It is easy to fit just 4 screws (not included)
  • Fits onto a Langstroth brood box with a floor below
  • Mesh holes diameter - 1.3 x 1.3cm
  • Front - the wide mesh front prevents Asian Hornets getting close to the hive and allows the bees to choose a safe exit point
  • Sides - smaller holes give bees another popular way to leave and enter the hive while Asian Hornets hover at the front
  • Bottom - a mesh floor allows another way in and out for the bees as well as allowing debris to fall through out to the open, rather than storing rubbish at the front of the hive, helping to create a healthier hive.

At Bee-Equipment we use Western Red Cedar.

Western Red Cedar, this wood is grown in north America and is the highest quality range of cedar wood. All of our cedar is sustainable and certified. These will last and last, and they look fantastic.

Manufactured in our factory, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in busy periods.

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