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Formic Pro - 30 Dose - Expiry March 2026

Formic Pro - 30 Dose - Expiry March 2026


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Formic Pro is an all-natural product that targets varroa mites where they reproduce, under the brood cap. Manufactured in ready-to-use strips, it features an extended shelf-life of 24 months and no storage limitations.

Dosing Instructions:

  • For double brood chamber hives, lay two strips, staggering them so they lay flat and across the full width of the lower brood chamber, in the heart of the brood rearing zone, with approximately 5 cm between strips and 10 cm between the ends of the brood chamber and the outer edges of the strips.
  • For single brood chamber hives lay two strips flat across the frames directly above the brood rearing zone with spacing as indicated above.
  • The bottom hive entrance needs to be open the full width of the hive, minimum 12.5 mm high, for the entire duration of the treatment, with no barriers into the brood chamber. In hives with permanently reduced entrances take appropriate measures to provide equivalent ventilation slots.
  • Spent strips do not need to be immediately removed at the end of the treatment period but must be removed before supers are placed back on the hive. When removed, dispose of by composting.

Formic Pro can only be sent to UK addresses.

Using Formic Pro - Treatment Guidelines

  • Supers must not be present or must be removed before treatment.
  • Monitor your mite levels throughout the beekeeping season. Treat with Formic Pro when mite levels reach the threshold for your area. High mite infestations may require more than one treatment.
  • Check the expiry date on packaging. Formic Pro has a 24-month expiration. Slow-release technology begins to degrade when the product expires and could lead to excessive bee mortality.
  • Store out of direct sunlight and in a dry location. Keep product in original container and tightly close lid. Store in a well-ventilated area, away from sulphuric acid, oxidizing agents, and sources of ignition.
  • Always place treatment on bottom brood box. Formic Pro is a brood treatment and is most effective when placed in the heart of the hive.
  • Optimal treatment temperatures for Formic Pro are between 50° to 85°F (10° to 29.5°C).


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