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Langstroth Correx Sheet

Langstroth Correx Sheet


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Introducing our new corex replacement lined floor. As beekeepers we understand how some tasks around the apiary could be made simpler, this is one of them.

Replace your existing floor with this one and it will help you count varroa: you can just count in lines.

Once counted, submit your findings to Beebase -

More importantly, leave the floor in for the winter and monitor the movement of bees, assuming you left them in the middle of the hive at the beginning of winter. They will migrate to one side or the other during winter. This will leave half the stores available to them on the other side of the hive, setting up a classic case of starvation, bees one side stores the other.

By marking your board every time you take it out to clean it maybe 2 – 4 week intervals you will be able to see the cappings on the floor from uncapped stores, thus giving you the best idea of what is happening in your hive before you open it.

Then you will be able to work out frames need to be swapped and moved next to the stores.

Size = 38.5cm x 48cm 

Please note these are Langstroth size, B.S. National photo used for illustration purposes.
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