Hive Alive, 100ml (Feeds up to 10 Hives)

Hive Alive, 100ml (Feeds up to 10 Hives)

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Trust HiveAlive™ to Protect & Maximise your Colonies.

Hive Alive is a feed supplement combining natural bio-active ingredients which promote intestinal well-being and improved colony strength.

HiveAlive has been scientifically validated through long term field trials including both Greece and France. Results of the Greek Trials have been published recently in the Journal of Apicultural Research.

  • Stronger, more productive colonies
  • Outstanding yields
  • Promotes intestinal well-being
  • Proven long-term protection
  • Quickest and easiest to use
  • Prevents syrup from fermenting
  • See product label for detailed instructions.

Additional uses include:

  • Spray/drench activated syrup for a cleaner and healthier hive and to revitalize bees under-performing, weak or not feeding, ideally once a week over 3 weeks to cover a full breeding cycle
  • Add HiveAlive™ to leftover syrup to prevent it from going bad and for storage
  • Spray/drench the hive with activated syrup to aid new queen acceptance
  • Brush/spray on activated syrup to revitalize old foundation
  • Enhance protein patties by adding HiveAlive™

For further instructions please visit the HiveAlive™ website

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Customer Reviews

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Hive Alive, 100m

Haven't used this yet, so can't really tell, but I'm sure it will do as it says in spring, I'll update when I use it

Natural product?

I like this product. It appears to be natural. Smells pleasant. As a new user I cannot attest to its efficacy in terms of preserving syrup or as a nutrient that will help the colony expand faster but I am happy to continue to test it.

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