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Compact Uncapping Tank

Compact Uncapping Tank


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Honey holding box

Let us introduce to you another new product, our new Compact Uncapping Tank. We know how short space is for most beekeepers, so here is a real space saver compared to other conventional ones.

Our new uncapping tank is made from durable clear polycarbonate, at the same time, it is able to withstand temperatures between -30°C and 70°C.

Moulded-in graduations facilitate easy measurement of contents and cleaning. Standardised 1.27cm flange width ensures correct fit.

Textured base protects pan from surface scratch damage, stackable design ensures efficient space saving.

Stain, acid and odour-resistant to ensure your honey looks and taste as they should, safe to use in a dishwasher. Leave the honey in the tank until you are ready to filter and jar.


Dimensions: W32.6 x H19.7 x D53cmApprox. Capacity: 25.6LMaterial: PolycarbonateColour: ClearApplication: Cold and Ambient Foods

The strainer

The strainer insert fits nicely into the main box to form a perfect fit single item. Manufactured from durable polycarbonate that can withstand heavy-handed use in busy environments and designed to ensure foods are not spoiled by the detrimental effects of condensation, moisture, excess liquid or grease. This will separate a lot of the wax and honey, left to drain for a week or so it will naturally drain the honey through to the box below.


Dimensions: W32.4 x H8.2 x D53cmMin. Temp. Threshold: -40°CMax. Temp. Threshold: 99°CMaterial: PolycarbonateColour: Clear

The cover

Our first cover is manufactured from durable polypropylene that can withstand frequent daily use, the Seal Cover creates a tight seal that minimises the risk of honey spillages, and the unwanted attention of other flying things while also preserving the flavour and quality of your honey.

The other cover option is a lid made from durable polypropylene as above, however, this lid just sits on the box and does not seal.


Dimensions: W32.4 x H1.9 x D53.3cmMin. Temp. Threshold: -30°CMax. Temp. Threshold: 60°CMaterial: PolypropyleneColour: Translucent 


Honey Gate x1

Lid Options - There are 2 lid options available, you will receive one lid as standard, which can be used on top of the Tank or the Strainer (not airtight). Or as an addition, you can opt to add a lid which fits on the tank only, which is airtight and will allow you to preserve your honey. See images and choose your option.

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