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BJ Sherriff QueenSafe Bag

BJ Sherriff QueenSafe Bag


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BJ Sherriff are pleased to launch for beekeepers worldwide their new QueenSafe™ bag.

New Queen bees are either expensive to buy, or take time to rear, so you don’t want her to go missing!

The new BJ Sherriff QueenSafe™ bag allows you to safely and securely manipulate your queen bees with ease. Whether you are transferring queens between containers, colour marking or wing clipping this can all be done in complete safety without any chance of losing her.

Ultimately, the strongest reliably secure Queen manipulator bag on the market – your queens will be lost without one!

Our QueenSafe™ Bag has adjustable elastic polycotton gauntlets, ClearView™ mesh to easily watch every movement of the queen and workers which show up well on the white fabric base. The tube is self-supporting and is hand washable. It concertinas in to a flat circular shape.

Our researcher Johnathan says “can’t believe how easy this is to use – having lost a few queens in my time whilst trying to mark them in my truck – they like to climb down the air vents never to be seen again! But not anymore – this is a great piece of kit”

“ Brilliant for removing the attendants from the cage when introducing queens from my Apideas into nucs. All that time and effort that goes into rearing them isn’t wasted because the queen escapes in to the blue yonder! Expensive queens are an investment to be looked after, this bit of kit ensures that the removal of attendants doesn’t give the queen and escape route! ” Tamsin the Bee Farmer

Colour: Khaki and white

Mesh: Black ClearView™

Hand wash only – rinse well and line dry
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