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Bee Pro, 10lb Pail

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Bee-Pro® contains the best nutrients available for the production of larval food!

Bees require proper nutrition to new bees and to increase longevity. Here at Mann Lake we have been involved in bee nutrition for over 20 years - supplying the best feed products at the most economical pricing available!

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Different protein sources contain different amino acid levels; and it's for this reason that a mixture of protein sources should be included in a pollen substitute. A correct amino acid balance is the key to efficient utilization of protein.

Protein quality is determined by its level of essential amino acids. A shortage of any one essential amino acid makes overall protein utilization by the bee less efficient. (Example: the bees require 4% Iso-leucine. If the current feed you are using only has 3% Iso-leucine, the bees can only utilize 75% of the available protein.)

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Customer Reviews

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Feeding my Bees

Received my order of Bee Pro and it was delivered early, I am very pleased with the my order and I can't wait to use and see if the Bees feed on it,

Bee pro

Pack arrived well packaged.
good feetback from the company after some questions.
Thank you

Bee Pro

Product arrived when stated and great price. Bees taking pollen sub / sugar syrup as a patties. Too early to say what the bees are like as I didn't do full inspections due to the bad weather last week far far to cold up north.

Bee Pro 10lb tub

Swift delivery after ordering. As for the product, mixed powder with some sugar syrup and made into patties, then put on hives, only time will tell whether the bees respond and build up as planned. Useful resealable tub to keep product fresh.


The service as always was first class.

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