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Hive Tool Pro "J" laser cut Stainless steel, precision tool

Hive Tool Pro "J" laser cut Stainless steel, precision tool


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Multifunction hive tool with useful 'J' hook end for prying!

Designed by a beekeeper for beekeepers. Notice the sharp pointed hook,

We use this to get between the side bar and box to enable a straight lift of a frame, this reduces the movement horizontally and help in the prevention of crushing bees.

The hook is also good for opening the odd looking cell without damaging the surrounding cells. It also makes uncapping and finding wax moth easier, or just tap the frame hard of course !

Opening a single drone cell to check for varroa is made simple with this hook.

Move to the other end, we do not see the reason to keep scraping off wax and propolis deposits neatly arranged by the bees.

We use this end to inspect, use the flat end to drag open a straight line of cells to inspect for eggs and the condition of the larvae.

 Dimensions: Length - 22.5cm / Width at end: 4.5cm

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