National Super, Flat, Pine

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Our British Standard National Super in Pine wood.

This box is sold flat and comes in 3 grades - 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

1st has no knots and is supplied with rails and nails.

2nd has some knots but not on any joins - no rails and nails.

3rd grade has multiple knots but is still usable - no rails and nails.

 Assembly instructions

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Williams
National Super, Flat, Pine

The cheapest alternative - OK if you do not mind a bit of DIY and are painting the outside. Would buy again.
'Cheap and Cheerful'

Helen Gilry
Don't recommend 2nd grade

My supers were fairly roughly cut with bits of wood splintering off the edges and the sides of the supers were slightly warped. Difficult to put together. Not up to the usual quality I expect :(

Peter Maynard
Slow delivery

Slow delivery, especially when compared to other suppliers (I use a total of 4). Instructions poor, but product was of good quality and reasonably priced

paul bove

Bought the supers went together well, brilliant budget hive.
I've recommended bee equipment to another beekeeper.

Norma King

I ordered from this company as they said they were in stock.after a month I phoned them they said they were waiting for the wood to come in, it took another month to arrive. quality OK but could be better. Would not use company again would give no star review if I could due to not getting product for 2 months.