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Frame Rest for National frames, Unique one piece, Stainless Steel real "Pro" no rust

Frame Rest for National frames, Unique one piece, Stainless Steel real "Pro" no rust


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The Frame Rest fits snugly over the edge of the hive body to conveniently and securely hold your frames during inspections.

Designed by us after years of buying frame rests that either rusted or fell apart because of poor welding, we got the opportunity to work on our own designs.

A few prototypes latter and lots of use we came up with the "Pro" version no chance or rust because it has no welds, no fiddling with two arms trying to get them far enough apart.

Why weld a product when bending can yield a superior result without the risk of rust over time? The solution to this challenge emerged from an R & D project undertaken by Bee-Equipment in collaboration with HM Prison Coldingley. Leveraging the expertise of the prison's skilled engineering department, we sought a corrosion-resistant alternative.

Inspired by the simplicity of a coat hanger, our team explored the possibility of employing bends and twists to create a robust frame rest. After months of dedicated effort and collaboration with HMP Coldingley, a breakthrough was achieved – a single piece of metal bent in a manner that eliminates the need for joints, ensuring rust-free longevity.

This innovative approach adheres to the principle of K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid). The success of our endeavour has garnered international attention, evidenced by the presence of our products worldwide. While we have encountered imitations, notably at a recent honey show in Europe, and being asked by a Chinese company if we wanted to buy a newly designed frame rest our commitment to unpatented development persists, motivated solely by the betterment of Honeybees and the beekeeping community.

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