National Brood Box, Flat, Pine

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Our high quality British made boxes are all cut to the same pattern with the wood and general fitness for purpose graded after production.

1st grade are our very best products, with little to no knots or imperfections. These will last and last, and they look fantastic. Includes nails and metal rails.

2nd grade boxes are our standard. Sturdy construction with some cosmetic imperfections. Comes boxes with nails.

3rd grade boxes have multiple knots, but are still usable. Does not include nails and metal rails.

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Customer Reviews

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Brood box

Quickly delivered and well made. Thanks guys.


I have purchased quite a large number of these boxes in the past,my latest delivery arrived promptly,the problem as in previous orders was in the quality of fit,I had to plane every front & back then trim on the bandsaw every top & bottom bar for length,a simple re tooling of your machinery could make things a lot easier for your customers,the price is what sells these boxes,the fit quality lets them down.

Rubbish packaging

The boxes were great but the packaging was not, I was very surprised everything was still inside the state of the box, but due more to luck than judgement everything was intact .otherwise a great product

Late season equipment

Initially didn’t deliver but when asked poor quality wood caused the delay, but I had to ask nothing pro active


Delivery have been very very slow,I do appreciate that covid-19 has affected deliveries but you seem to be particularly slow I ordered some bee equipment from Thorne suppliers and it was delivered in 3 days I don't know if I'll be using you again in the future

Our apologies for the delays with your order, combinations of the virus, supplier issues, reorganisation and recruitment and an unexpectedly high demand for certain products meant some products were unreasonably delayed. We have gotten back on top of this issue in the last week.