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Asian Hornet Trap with Bait Box

Asian Hornet Trap with Bait Box


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Having been awarded several gold medals for their Asian hornet trap we decided the best trap for the UK was one that has been tried tested in the field since 2018, made by JabeProde . This complete Asian hornet trap, has been tried and tested across Europe and this unit has been adapted to serve the UK and beyond in the fight against the Asian Hornet. We have learnt from our fellow European beekeepers that we can, to some degree, control its activities. We researched many traps, and have decided the best ones are what our beekeepers deserve in the fight against the Asian hornet.

We at Bee Equipment did the research, and have built a unit that we believe will help reduce or at the very least control the number of Asian Hornets in an area.

Our unit consists of 4 section unit:

  1. Bottom bait box
  2. The main trap area with a bottom screen to prevent the Asian Hornets accessing the bait chamber
  3. Top screened, to prevent the Asian Hornets trapped in the main box from escaping when you want to check the box.
  4. Solid metal roof set in a wooden frame.

We recommend the box is painted. The boxes should be placed away from the apiaries, you want to catch the Asian Hornets before they find your hives, if possible place the Trap undercover with the roof off and the mesh frame held down with the elastic band or pins, this will allow the aroma from the bait to be dispersed far wider as the attractant gets warmer. 

Positioning the trap:

  • Our advice is to set this trap on the edge of your Apiary under cover, roof off with a mesh screen in place. The idea must be to attract the Hornet Queens and workers to the traps before they get to your hives. There is little point in trying to stop them once they have found the hive location; at that point, you will need the hive defender
  • As far as we can tell, the trap needs to be in an area that the Hornets may visit or emerge from, piles of logs for instance, away from your hives. An area with free-flowing air, the aim is to get the smell of the bait circulating as best you can, this will attract the Asian Hornet.


  • No need to buy any baits, the best baits you already have.
  • The next step is what bait and when. The popular belief is to change the bait from late winter to early spring with sweet baits to help catch the emerging queens, sweet preserves, over-ripe fruit and so on.
  • Depending on local conditions the next bait is protein, fish and meat, the workers will want this to feed to the young brood and next year’s Queens.

The middle part of the season would be a protein mix suggested by the NBU. Please take a look at this link, from experienced producers of equipment and catchers of Asian Hornets in France.

You will also receive a pair of spring fasteners to attach the base of the bait box to the main unit. 

The Asian Hornet invasion cannot be underestimated. Just like the experience we have had with Varroa, now in the UK for over 30 years and in every apiary, it is here to stay, and we must prepare for a long fight every day, every year, in all areas of the country.

The trap adaption we have developed is one that will serve as part of an apiary defence and overall protection Always best to stay connected to the latest advice from the NBU via Beebase -


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