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Apiguard (5 treatments per box of 10 trays)

Apiguard (5 treatments per box of 10 trays)


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Apiguard is a natural treatment to control Varroa Mite populations.

A single treatment requires 2 trays.

Apiguard is extremely easy to use

  • Place the opened tray face upwards in the top of brood frames, preferably centred over the colony.
  • After 10 days examine the tray and if it is almost empty, replace with a second tray. If there is product left in the tray after 10 days leave until day 14 and then replace.
  • Leave the second tray in position for a further 2-4 weeks and treatment has been completed (duration of treatment therefore lasts 4-6 weeks).

Apiguard works best in temperatures above 15°C. But it is also effective at lower temperatures even though the gel takes longer to evaporate and the gel needs to be left in place for longer.

10 trays per box.

Expiry 05/2026

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