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Contact Feeder 3.79L (1 Gallon)

Contact Feeder 3.79L (1 Gallon)


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Position mesh side down over the hole in the crown board and cover with an empty super and roof.

A simple to use feeder, you will need a spare empty bucket or a vessel that is larger than the feeder you are using.Fill the container to about 2 cm from the top with syrup, put the lid on ensuring you the lid is firmly attached, hold the container with syrup in between your hands one each side with fingers on the top rim. Push your thumbs into the side of the container forcing out some of the air from the feeder, turn the feeder upside down over a larger container to catch the syrup that dribbles out. When the dribble stops place the feeder over the hole in the crown board

Size: Height with lid  = 17.5cm, Lid Width = 19.8cm, Base Width = 16.5cm

Available as a bulk order - please contact us for prices

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