2 1/4" Round Beekeeper Label With Tab, 250 Pack - Bee Equipment

2 1/4" Round Beekeeper Label With Tab, 250 Pack

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Most consumers are unaware that not all honey is truly unadulterated by other sweeteners or blended with honey from foreign countries.

Protect your reputation and let your customers know your honey is wholesome, coming directly from their local beekeeper!

250 labels per roll.

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Customer Reviews

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Tamper Proof Labels with Tabs

These labels are well made with crisp printing on heavyweight paper which is bonded to a wipe-clean plasticised surface coating and a strong adhesive backing which doesn't pull away from the jar or lid without leaving a tell-tale residue. I used these tamper-proof labels (together with wrap around labels - reviewed separately) on some of my very first entries into my local County Show judged honey competition just a few days ago (September 2018) and came away with a First Prize and a Blue Ribbon Award from the judge on behalf of the National Honey Show. I know that it wasn't just the labels that won me the prize but I think they certainly helped my jars to stand out from the crowd!

Beekeepers labels for honey jars

The labels for the honey jars are delightful, a novel way to list the honey and put a tamper seal on in one go.

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