14" X 12" Metal Queen Trap

14" X 12" Metal Queen Trap (archived) - Bee Equipment

14" X 12" Metal Queen Trap

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Paul Lunan
Queen Trap

Very good quality fast delivery

A non-chemical, biological approach to Varroa control, our Queen Trap allows you to and subsequently destroy brood at 9 day intervals over the course of 36 days to disrupt the life cycle of the Varroa mite.

This robust metal frame will last for years and can be easily cleaned in between uses.

This trap can also be used in queen rearing by trapping the queen on foundation UF640  you will know the age of your drones.

By trapping a queen worker foundation UF200 in your hive that is going to supply the queen grafting material , this will give you an accurate age of your eggs then larvae perfect for grafting.

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