Statement from Patrick Murfet

Well, at has been a long while since I said it was about time I handed the Bee-Equipment baton to someone else. With the help of my excellent staff and customers, we have achieved a lot in the beekeeping world - some of it is popular, like new products and lower pricing, and some are less popular, depending on your view.

I would like to announce that Bee-Equipment has a new owner, and you will see some changes over the next couple of months. As of today, Bee Equipment will still be one of the market leaders in its field, but will be under new ownership, but don't worry; my excellent team will not be changing.

The acquisition of my company Bee Equipment, does not affect my other interests, I love this industry and would hope to see you all in 2025 at The British Beekeeping Show, formally Beetradex. Please look out for the confirmation date in early 2024. I am also hoping to resurrect the Bees & Other Pollinators (BQ) magazine, that had proved so popular amongst readers.

I wish you all well for the future; happy beekeeping.

Patrick K Murfet