National Hive Kits

We have an extensive range of frames available for your National Hive. Our frames are easy to assemble and fit either plastic or premium foundation. If assembling frames isn't your thing, we offer Assembled Frames as an option too. 
Our range of foundation includes plastic, premium wired, drone and thin. Our premier foundation is manufactured from a blend of European sourced beeswax, we are proud to offer one of the highest grade beeswax foundations in the UK.
All of our Brood and Super boxes are made onsite here in Kent. Made from genuine Western Cedar or high quality pine, our boxes are all cut to the same pattern with the wood and general fitness for purpose graded after production. 
Complete Hive Kits
From starter kits to winter kits, we have every hive kit you could need! Wether you are a beginner or a commercial beekeeper, we strive to have all the options you could need in a hive kit.