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Getting started

What you need to begin beekeeping

A hive - these can be purchased as a complete kit, either assembled or flat pack. As you progress you may wish to buy additional boxes or other types of crown board, floor or roof.

British Standard National hives are the most popular in the UK, and can be found here »

Langstroth hives are larger, and more popular world-wide. They can be found here »

For a closer look at the hive and its components take a look at our hive guide »

Smoker and fuel - Much like you and me, bees are not pleased with having the roof of their house lifted off! By using a smoker with an effective fuel (not recycled cardboard covered in glue and ink) you can keep your bees calm.

See our smokers here »

Feed Give your bees the best start to the season, or a helping hand over the winter, by supplying them with feed. Specially formulated for bees as opposed to bakers fondant, feed comes in the form of patties, fondant, dry pollen, or liquid syrup. Various feeders are also available.

See our feeds here »

Protective Clothing - a bee suit is both iconic and functional, it is vital to be protected whilst inspecting your bees. We supply both full suits and jackets - deciding between the two comes down to personal preference.

See our clothing here »

Tools - Once your bees have taken to their new home they will make it their own. As they draw out frames for the queen to populate with eggs or to store honey they will also create a substance called propolis in any free space between frames. This can make it difficult to separate frames during inspections - by using a hive tool you can separate them easily. As you get used to inspecting bees you will find many more uses for it.

See our hive tools here »

Bees - don't forget the bees themselves! Bee colonies are commercially raised as "nucs" - a nucleus of a future full colony. These are supplied in a nuc box - a smaller style hive with only 5 brood frames. They can be collected from our warehouse or delivered to you.

See our Nuc options here »