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Hornet Traps

The trap can be hung in a tree, placed on a hive stand or somewhere secure in and around affected apiaries.

When to use?
The best time to use hanging traps varies depending on the local climate. Capturing hornet queens in the Spring is a vey effective way of reducing the number of hornet nests in an affected area. Between February and March is a good time to trap hornet queens as they emerge from hibernation- if you know where any previous nests were last year- place your traps near to those locations to catch them as they emerge.
However, hornets are active throughout the beekeeping season and so the traps will continue to be effective throughout the season until Autumn. Once Autumn arrives it is a good idea to place traps near to favourable hibernation sites, such as wood piles.

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What bait should I use?
Hornets have a preference for sweet foods as they emerge, and as food resources are comparatively sparse in the Spring, sweet baits are highly attractive to hornet queens.
e.g Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey with 350ml of beer and place in the trap.
Alternatively: Mix 200ml of water with 3 tablespoons of sugar or honey and a glass of vinegar.

Below is a more in depth study into the Traps we have on sale -

Hornet Trap with Jar:

Tap Trap:


For frame dimensions please follow the links below for PDF files illustrating the various measurements (feel free to print these for personal reference):

Frame dimensions table

Dimension illustration


Wax Foundation

When working with or installing wax foundation please note that at cold temperatures wax is easy to break. Work in a warm room and allow the wax to get to room temperature before installing it into frames.


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If you are the recipient of a gift certificate you can redeem it during checkout.


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