Uncapping Roller

Uncapping Roller

Uncapping Roller

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Paul Jeffrey Rogers
Good delivery and value

Much better than slicing comb with a knife. Combs were almost intact after I had returned them to the hive for cleaning. Clogging of the roller was the only problem but next time I use it I will remember to make provision for cleaning.

Good value

Looks good value but haven’t had a chance to use it yet

d.l .morgan

looks good not tried it yet

R. Bragg
Uncapping Roller

Looks to be an interesting tool, purchased in preparation for honey extraction later in August it should be easier to use than than a knife. Will fully review when used

Mike Harris
Pretty poor for uncapping

It ended up taking longer to use this roller than just using a standard dining fork. (which I ended up using eventually). it uncapped maybe 75-80% of the cells but for any areas that were either slightly raised or depressed, it didn't do a very good job. I had to extract and then see which cells were still capped and then use a fork and extract again. I eventually just used the fork to open which ended up being quicker. I won't be using it again. The quality and build of the product was good, just not the practicality.

This uncapping roller is used for puncturing the capped cells to release the honey with minimal damage. This tool will save time when uncapping several frames.

Roller is 10cm wide. Colour may vary.

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