Superboost, Single

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Our revolutionary product, SuperBoost (patent pending), is the ultimate solution to improve the health and vigor of hives as well as improve crop pollination.

SuperBoost is a 10-component brood pheromone delivery device that is easily hung between the frames. One SuperBoost placed in the hive works for up to 5 weeks.

Stimulates foraging, aids in the revitalization of overwintered colonies and increases honey production.

Scientifically proven Pheromone released for up to five weeks.

  • Workers pick up pheromone by contact with release membrane
  • More pollen and nectar foragers
  • Greater consumption of supplemental diet in winter and early spring
  • Better nutrition of larvae and queens
  • Greater egg laying

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Customer Reviews

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No instructions in packet !

Fast shipping . Unfortunately there was no instructions on how to store or how to properly use . That would be a great thing to add .

Hi Wanda - Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We will include instructions with the product from now on, and I am emailing a scanned copy to you. Thanks again, Charlie L.

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