One Hand Queen Catcher

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Catch the queen with just one hand and know you will mark her easily and safely!

Our new Queen Catcher has a safety stop built-in to keep from applying too much pressure and killing the queen. Its one-handed design makes it quick and easy.

Tip: While your first queen's paint is drying, set her on the roof of her hive and use a second One-Handed Queen Catcher to do the next colony.

Customer Reviews

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Norfolk Beekeeper
One Hand Queen Catcher

Purchased for a friend just starting beekeeping.
With practice a very useful piece of equipment. Better than physically handling the queen and an advance on the old "Crown of Thorns" method.
Pity the price was reduced in the sale almost immediately after I ordered it!!

Kevin 1
Neat tool

Have seen one of these used and was impressed with how it works so got one for the toolkit ready to mark a new queen. Feels well made.

Joe McLaughlin
Queen catcher

Easy to use .

kath cordingley
very dissappointing

I have used these for many years and ordered some more as they keep getting lost or giving them out to other people.
This one doesnt stop when you slide the plunger up, so you can squish the queen through the yellow queen excluder on top.
I have contacted supplier and they said they would look into the issues but havent heard anything since which is unusual as their service is usually 1st class.
The description is misleading as it says the item has a stop on it but sadly the 4 that I ordered dont have the stop.

Bruce Robinson
First class catcher

Easy to use and quick