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Beeswax Coated Plastic Foundation for Mini Mating Nucs 10pk

  • £2.20

10pk of Rite cell Foundation to fit the Mini Mating Nucs (IN-140) Colours may vary

May require trimming to fit certain frames - trims easily with our HD-583 .

Our beeswax coated plastic foundation will stand up to season after season, extraction after extraction. The deeper cells feature textured interiors and sharper cell edges that encourage quicker acceptance.

It is recommended that this product is used in every frame location, if given the choice bees will brace against pure wax foundation.

Tip, after two seasons use a wide scrapper our ( HD-615 ) to clean the plastic foundation back to the rib.

If you think the frames need to be cleaned more thoroughly this can be done with either a small steam cleaner or by soaking in soda and bleach.

The plastic foundation can also be melted out at low temperature provided it is left in the frame, use some caution when using heat on the plastic foundation..

 Once cleaned re coat with wax using a small sponge roller .

  • Requires no reinforcement
  • Impervious to wax moth damage
  • Food grade plastic
  • Use year after year with proper care

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mini Mating Nucs Coated Plastic Foundation  

First timmer with this product. Having a job getting the foundation to fit. However they are well made and sturdy.

Great idea

I like these, saved a lot of time (and foundation) in cutting up starter strips. Just pop these in the frame and run a bead of melted wax along the top to affix them to the frames - best thing is that they're reusable, brilliant.

No longer fit! :-(

I have purchased these in the past for mini mating Nucs, however, since the design of the mini Nuc frames has changed these no longer fit!
I had to shave off some of the cells at the side on both sides of every one.
Quite time consuming.


Rite cell Foundation for mini mating nucs 10pk

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