B.S. National Polystyrene Nuc Feeder - Bee Equipment

B.S. National Polystyrene Nuc Feeder

  • £15.99

This is a top style feeder for the poly nuc. This allows greater capacity so less visits back to the colony for re fills. Just block the side feeder off in the poly nuc and place this on the top.

A clear cover over the centre channel so you can easily see the bees taking the syrup down without opening the hive up making the visits quick and easy.   Both syrup chambers are sloping towards the centre so that every drop of feed can be taken down by the bees - No waste.

This can be used in conjunction with the brood box for poly nucs ( NA- 104) and the super for poly nucs, giving you a complete poly nuc hive system.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
National polystyrene Nuc feeder

The product was just fine, it was put into use within an hour of its arrival and has been a very useful bit of kit. Will work well on Nucs that are to be overwintered.

Nice ploy nuc

I’ve modified removed the feeders to make 8 frame box’s and use the top feeders for syrup or fondant. Very good for over winteringWhen use two box’s 16 frames.

Feeder Feedback

I'd already bought one, I liked it so much, I just had to buy this 2nd one

Polystyrene feeder

Fits on the polystyrene nuc box great. Bees seem happy with it. Have to see how it cleans up after. There's sum propolis going under the plastic. Up to now - a great buy

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