Jenter Varroa Stop

Jenter Varroa Stop
Jenter Varroa Stop

Jenter Varroa Stop

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The basic idea:

  • The breeding-free phases outside of winter are always problematic for varroa mites. They lose their ability to reproduce relatively quickly. This natural defence system with brood-less phases is used by wild bee colonies effectively when swarming. The swarm of bees is only weakly infested, the swarmed colony runs into a long brood-free phase. The mites become overaged or are lost with the old bees.
  • Locking up the queen in small cages during the bee season with subsequent chemical treatment is a well-known method of enforcing brood-free phases during the season. However, some queens lose their acceptance in the bee colony.
  • On the other hand, the open brood acts like a magnet on varroa mites. For this reason, biotechnical processes, such as the honeycomb process, can be used successfully to decimate the varroa population in the bee colony. In doing so, however, capped brood combs, in which only some of the cells are actually parasitized, have to be removed and destroyed.
  • The newly developed Jenter VarroaSTOP combines both systems in an elegant way, without the need for chemical control methods or entire brood combs having to be destroyed.

The principle:

  • In the Jenter VarroaSTOP, the queen's radius of action is limited to a small, unilaterally incubated cell area with around 250 brood cells. The queen lives stress-free with her court and the brood in the cage. The nurse bees can pass through the cage from both sides and look after this brood unhindered. The Varroa mites use this last breeding area in the colony for the planned reproduction.
  • After all cells are covered, the rear wall of the Jenter VarroaSTOP with the attached brood cells is removed and immediately replaced by a new rear wall with a central wall. The queen remains in the cage for another breeding cycle. The brood removed is destroyed. Alternatively, the cells can be decapitated and washed out for the next use of the honeycomb piece.
  • Only when all the brood in the colony has hatched and the last mites are trapped in the capped breeding area of ​​the Jenter VarroaSTOP will the queen be released again via the removable cover on the front of the Jenter VarroaSTOP, or replaced by a young queen. The honeycomb with the Jenter VarroaSTOP can be left in the colony for future use.

The result:

  • The Jenter VarroaSTOP can be installed very easily in a frame. The thickness of the honeycomb does not change. In contrast to the honeycomb bags, no honeycombs have to be removed.
  • The queen can breed in phases and thus retains her attractiveness in the bee colony.
  • The Varroa mites are almost completely removed from the colony through multiple brood removal. The use of chemical treatment agents can be dispensed with.

The KIT consists of the following parts:

  • 2 x barrier grille VS
  • 2 x cover VS
  • 4 x cover plate VS
  • Detailed instruction manual

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