English Bee Feeder

English Bee Feeder
English Bee Feeder
English Bee Feeder
English Bee Feeder
English Bee Feeder
English Bee Feeder

English Bee Feeder

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Jon Baker

Quality price and quality product, the moulding edges are a little rough in places, but measuring the product against the price balances an outstanding review.

Dave Metcalfe
Works a treat

I particularly like this style of feeder as it allows me to feed whilst keeping hive disturbance to a minimum.

I have a number of this type of feeder and the bees have taken to them readily, so they will form a large part of my winter feeding, I may even remove the central cone and use them to house the fondant I’ll be using.

Tom Geddes
English Feeder

Although the capacity is less than Miller or Ashforth feeders, these English feeders are very convenient to use and excellent value for money.

Paul Lindstrom
A very good feeder

I have had problems with my previous feeders in that in some way or another the bees sometimes drown. And they are a bit too small. This feeder however has very narrow gaps at the base of the cone, blocking the bees from the sugar syrup, so the bees can't get in to the feeder. So far I have never found any dead bees, either when the feeder is half full or completely empty. And it holds 6 litres, which is very good.

Hywel Morris
Good feeder

Excellent piece of kit makes life easier

Rapid style plastic feeder.

A central hole in the feeder allows bees to come up and then down to the feed. A  plastic dome fits over the feed tube, the cup is kept off the bottom of the feeder to give enough space for the syrup to flow under and bees to feed. This prevents bees from escaping into the feeder.

The perfect fit with our Multi-function Crown Board! (Sold separately)

Size is 330 x 390m x 71mm.

Fits all standard national hives.

Fits over the crownboard. Capacity 6 litres/1.3 gallons/10.5 pints.

Refill is simple, just remove the main cover then top up the feeder.


Why don't you get one of our Invertbee 7kg cans to fill your feeder?

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