Winter Wraps

Winter Wraps

Winter Wrap

Our winter wraps are designed by a beekeeper and are simple, effective and reusable year after year, and our 5/5 star reviews show customers love them! Just take them off in spring and roll them up until Autumn.

Throw away the chicken wire and hanging CD ideas! The winter wrap is so simple but still very  effective against wood peckers it also helps protect your hive from the harshest weather including those chilling winter winds, and at the same time, allowing your hive to breath.

Simple Application

Measure the depth of your hive then order the one that fits: single or double broad, brood and half brood plus feeder. Our wraps come in 4 sizes - the material can be cut with scissors or a craft knife.

I fix mine to the side of the hive just under the roof, this way it does not interfere with winter inspections.

I did start by pinning the wrap to the side of the hives using drawing pins, this works fine if you are happy to check your hives after each windy period.

I now use a staple gun to fix the wrap to the side of the hive and I find the best time is in October while the bees are still flying. The reason for fixing them early is that the staple gun will disturb the bees this should be avoided during cold weather.

The wrap comes in a sufficient length to wrap around your hive with a generous overlap. Fit it as tightly as you can! it will still leave enough of a gap to allow good air flow around your hive.

Finally cut the opening out with a pair of scissors or craft knife.


In spring you may well find over wintered queen wasps between the wrap and hive - a great time of year to deal with the wasp.

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